raspberry pi

Micro Center has raspberry pi for $29.99 in July

To be more specific, they do have the Raspberry Pi 2 Model B for $29.99 ($5 under their regular price) - but that’s for in-store purchases only.


May have to swing by and pick some up to replace my B+ boxes. Anyone want to make an offer on two B+ units?


Make sure you call the store beforehand to verify they have them in stock. Tustin’s web site said they had 7 of the old B’s in stock and it turned out they were all ‘unaccounted for’. (Bonus, they gave me a 2 for the price of the old B+) They seem to be having problems with the website stock matching the actual store stock. They have been running that $29.99 for a few months now, regular price is $34.99. They stopped carrying the BBB for some reason though?

IMHO: a horrible thing, one USB port of very limited power capacity (wouldn’t run an R820T) and a PITA to load software on. BeagleBone support make no concessions for people not being Linux geeks.

(yes I do have one, and have used it for ADSB)

Plenty of Pi2s in stock at the Columbus, OH MicroCenter store. They have a huge stock of all Pi varieties including the A, B, and B+. They also have alot of Beaglebone stuff in stock that is not on the web site.