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Raspberry Pi 2 Keeps Crashing

Basically, every 24 hours or so, the Raspberry Pi essentially ‘crashes’ with no life on SSH, however the power light still illuminates on the Raspberry Pi. I have an LCD Screen as well as RTL2382U attached to the Pi via USB with dump1090-fa, PlaneFinder & FlightRadar24 running. I have recently purchased a new power supply (about a week ago) since the red light showed problems with the power supply, I have purchased the Official Pi 3 Power Supply and am using it with the Pi 2.

192.168.1.xx:8080 usually does not connect or either shows AJAX timeout:timeout.

The Dongle does seem pretty hot also.

The Pi 2 is positioned next to the window with the BT router on the same floor about 2 rooms away. It has multiple devices connected to it. Would a repeater be a solution?

Has anyone got a solution to this?

Try investigating what’s happening when you have the network problems - hook up a keyboard/display (or use the LCD you have). Is userspace still running? What’s the network doing? You need to know what’s going wrong to get a sensible fix.

Could you try running the Pi without the screen?
The 2b normally only puts out 600mA (shared between the USB ports), so you may be trying to pull too much.
As a second suggestion, you can ‘up’ the USB current to 1.2A by tweaking the config.

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I’ve put everything onto the new SD card as well as adjusted the config to 1.2A, however I am now getting ‘not responding’ after around an hour.

The python script can output quite large amounts of text so I was wondering whether that could be the cause of non responsiveness.

About 2 weeks ago, my trusty Pi that I had running since 2016 stopped serving adsb data. I rebooted and it worked for about two hours, and it did the same. Another reboot and it failed after an hour. I then replaced the power supply and it has been working OK ever since.

Is it possible that your new supply is faulty?

Before I got the new supply, the ‘lightning symbol’ was on the screen, however now it isn’t. It doesn’t seem faulty exactly.

I had a similar problem when I first started feeding.
The mains supply where I live is on overhead lines and we get a lot of short power-cuts.
Do you have a USB power bank? If you do, try inserting it between the PSU and the Pi.
That is what I did and it eliminated crashes, unless the power-cut was a long one.
Now my feeders run on a UPS and I have a generator in the shed.

Mine is on underground cables and I’ve never encountered an issue on a Pi before, so it’s strange. I’m going to attempt to run without the LCD.

Unfortunately, very few USB powerbanks will work like this.
Most will cut the output when they themselves are charging.
Do you have a model number for one that does work? (a mate has one, but he won’t part with it!)

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I believe TEKNET used to make some models, with a feature that allowed the battery bank to recharge while recharging or supplying USB devices.
The later models would only pass through power to the USB device, but not recharge at the same time. As a result, if the battery is discharged by 10%, it will sit there with 90% of capacity forever, whilst passing power through from the charger.
I have a couple of the latter second type, they are TECKNET Bluetek 30150mA, which has unfortunately been discontinued.
There may be a newer model with either of these features, however beware, some Amazon reviews are often for a different model.

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Not the same model, but see the confusion.
" If I attach my phone to it straight away will it just keep topping up the charge whilst Im using a satnav app constantly?


Yes, it will.
I have an iPhone 6 and this product will give me 6 full charges from flat. Once the battery is fully charged it will turn off (handy to save its own battery) but if you have an app open it will continuously charge your device.
By Rachael on 25 August 2016

Yes continuous charging until disconnected or discharged
By Amazon Customer on 25 August 2016

No it wont work
By Amazon Customer on 25 August 2016"

Thanks - that clears it right up!!

Seriously though, when I first bought one, I assumed I could use it as a UPS when I didn’t have a better use for it - nope - fail.
When I looked into it, most batterybanks use the same controller chip and it simply can’t do both things at once.