Piaware SD Card image crashing

I tried building a piaware SD Card image. I added the flightradar24 code to it and left it running and it crashed after about 4 hours.
I reinstalled to the base image to make sure it wasn’t the flightradar code doing it - still crashed.

This RPi, SDR dongle and the power supply work well with (normally) weeks of uptime under Arch Linux.
I tried connecting a keyboard and monitor and the whole thing freezes, no way to get into another console. I’ve also tried the serial interface, the whole unit dies and the only recovery is a hard power cycle.

I added a cron job to reboot if it couldn’t ping a server but that didn’t help as it crashed badly enough to not even allow cron to start.

Any ideas? It’s an older 256MB ram Pi. I’ve gone back to Arch for now but piaware is no longer Arch friendly so keen to get onto a debian based distribution.



I had the same problem and found it was the lack of RAM only 256mb.
When I purchased a new Raspberry Pi B with 512mb RAM all worked fine.
I have been running RTL SDR dongle with Raspberry Pi B and Piaware for over 3 months now and no problems.
Hope this helps.


It sounds like a hardware problem – possibly with the Pi or the power supply.

Based on g7usp’s comment, it must be the RAM.

This Raspberry Pi only has 256MB of RAM. The power supply has worked flawlessly for about six months. As for the power on the Pi, I’ve bypassed the poly fuses, added a 2200uF decoupling capacitor and soldered heavier gauge wires direct from power in through to the USB ports - https://www.john.geek.nz/2012/09/raspberry-pi-increasing-the-usb-power-limitations-part-2/

Piaware v1.13 runs stable on Arch, so I’ll stick with that in the meantime.


As for the power for the Raspberry Pi I was using a 1A power supply but to power the Raspberry and the RTL-SDR that is plugged into the USB port I needed to change this to a 2A power supply.
Using the wrong power supply also gave freeze ups at times.