Random Flights always coming up with an AAL flight

I’ve clicked the random flight feature over a dozen times and everytime an American Airlines flight came up. Shouldn’t any flight, not just American, show up when clicking on a random flight?

Hi – you’re right and I observed that yesterday also. We fixed that on the dev/QA site yesterday and I just transitioned the new random code to the live site. It should work as-expected now.

Thanks for the quick response. I only get airline flights, though.

Is it possible to put the random flight link on all pages? Currently I type in the URL flightaware.com/live/flight/random for another random flight.

Thanks again. Can’t believe how fast you responded! :smiley:

I reloaded five times and got four private flights before I saw an airline. It doesn’t weight it either way, so I guess it’s a testiment to how random it is, kind of like when a music player has a “random” mode rather than a “shuffle” mode and it plays the same song a couple times in a row!

As far as the link, we have limited real estate to links and probably even need to cut down on the options now to help new users who have something in particular that they’re looking for. What I did was create a bookmark on my bookmark bar that goes to the /flight/random URL and I can click that for a random one whenever I want.

Just tried it again and did get a non-airline flight. I’m glad it’s not weighted either way.

I hadn’t even thought about doing the bookmark for a random flight. I now have a link on my links toolbar to the random flight.

FYI: I did place a link to FlightAware on my web page at home.comcast.net/~damiross/airlines.html