How often do you track

I find myself just sitting in front of my computer reading a book and tracking random flights all day. I like watching all the different flights going on at a given time. So does anyone else at their track random flights during the day? and what is your most interesting story that you have witnessed while randomly tracking?

Finding out it’s no fun watching random flights… That’s my story. :neutral_face:

haha so i take it you dont like random tracking hahaha

I remember the days I used to do “random tracking”…

Wait. You are talking about aircraft? Whoops.


I track most every day.

Mostly Boeing flights.

Dunno why :smiley:

On occasion I’ll track random flights, mainly late at night.

I’ve added a direct link to the Firefox toolbar to make this easier to use.

One thing I noticed about random tracking is that after several clicks of the link I’ll start getting the same flights showing up. It’s not as random as I would like it to be. Often I will get the something like the following flights:

I know with random tracking it is theoretically possible to get the same flight two or three times in a row. However, with thousands of flights the odds of that happening should be very low.

It’s a random selection but from a smallish pool of flights. I forget how the entire logic works. It’s biased towards flights that recently departed and have positions or something.

It wants to find a flight that is towards the middle of the flight and it’s a tough balance to find that accurate vs have the response come back very quickly.

Is it possible to change it to ANY active flight? I don’t know about others but it wouldn’t bother me even if it showed any flight, active or not.

Not really. Sometimes I’ll watch KLM 685, Virgin 19… And then stuff from CXO and IAH.

Maybe once a week or so. I do find the lag a bit frustrating, plus the occasional inaccuracy or lack of data. But it is fun having a general idea of where an airplane is. I especially like the more mysterious airliners. Several times I have tracked a 747-200 owned by Southern Air, a cargo line. Decently busy airline, but you obviously never see ads for it. I often wonder about these airlines.

As a kid in the 80’s, my favorite airport to go to was ORD. Hence, in fact, my nickname on here. Air Wisconsin was what I flew from ORD to Muskegon, Mi, where we had summer property. And it was always a Dash 7.

So ORD is on my FA list of tracked airports.

They do advertise but in in general circulation publications.

When you “wonder about these airlines,” you should look them up. Southern Air is at

From Southern’s website:

Southern Air is one of the fastest growing wide-body freighter airlines in the world, and specializes in long-haul, heavy-lift operations for ACMI (aircraft, crew, maintenance and insurance) and charter customers. The company operates a fleet of B747-200 freighter aircraft powered by General Electric CF6-50E2 turbine engines. The Company is expanding its fleet with the arrival of three (3) Boeing 777’s in 2010.

I do. :wink:

They also have a wiki, which is sometimes better if you’re just going for a quickie as far as info.

Seems like I’m on nearly every day. Sorry, randoms don’t do it for me. I echo AWAC on the ORD choice. Living on the east side of Lake Michigan, ORD’s eastbound departures to this side of the pond are what I watch.

When randomly tracking, I found an An-124 coming to my hometown, then resulted in several pictures of it, missed the landing though.

If you dont want just a random flight you can track on Thursday the 27th AA Flight 1994 leaving at 9:30am.

Ill be on it and if its a Wifi plane Ill post here :slight_smile:.

My son is a pilot for US Air so I usually track his flights. That’s about it.

I like to track flights between KIAH and KLAS. One day soon I’ll be on one, and enjoying the vacation of a lifetime.

I listen for vanity type call signs or FL400+ on my scanners
Just the other day,N712CC flew over.
We get CarlogLux 2x a week for my heavy fix…

Every day, tonights a good night around KSAT due to storms, … /KPHX/KSAT

going to KAUS, diverted here, might make it before storm hits!