Question on why this flight would be different than others..

AAY551/552 normally cruise at FL320-FL340. Toady it’s coming up at FL240 and scheduled to head down at FL250. Why the big departure from “normal” cruise alt? Choppy air up high? Plane issues? … /KRDM/KLAS

Thanks for the info,

Two reasons I can think of:

-There may be a problem with the aircraft that limits it to those altitudes.

Thanks for the reply. If there is an issue with the a/c, I wonder what it could be? Obviously not too big a deal…They’re flying the plane.

Maybe more favorable WIND at the lower altitude.

I’m guessing because of the airmets for turbulence for FL240-FL400.

RVSM equipment failure?

They could still go up to FL270 as Neg. RVSM.

Could be pressurization issue…

Because they can?

I mean, really. Nobody has thrown that out there yet, so, you know…why not?

I still say…because that’s where the smooth ride was.

Agreed… Although it probably also had something to do with fuel burn as well… it is, after all, the Prime concern these days.

They have what’s called an MEL (Minimum Equipment List) this is a list of discrepancies that the airplane can fly with as long as maintenance and crew follow the specified modified procedures as written in the MEL.

Below is a link to the Master MEL database. Select McDonnell-Douglas\DC-9, you can see all of the restrictions for different discrepancies. The MMEL does not cover company specific operational procedures so it is not a complete MEL for an American MD-88.

Although I agree it probably was just for the bumps.

My wife flew 551 down to LAS from RDM on Friday. She noted the flight was good except for the bumps on approach into Vegas. She’s coming back this morn on 552 (20 mins late). She just called me from McCarran and said they had to turn back! Pilot said he felt a vibration. Evidentally he wasn’t comfy with the situation. Crazy. They’re not sure if they will try to use this particular a/c or get another bird.

I’m glad all is well!

Now she’s thinking about driving home.

That’s a long lonely drive. Have her jump a SW or Alaska flight to PDX rent a one way car to Redmond.

Prolly a good 14 hours (assuming you want to take a brake or 3)! If she could only sucker G4 into paying her way on AS or WN!

As of now, no word from her on what the plan will be.

As I imagined, the new ride is ready…Just waiting for the okay. I knew they’d have a spare or 12 laying around in LAS! Wife still undecided.