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10000 ft cruise altitude?

Is it unusual for a CR7 from LGA to RDU to fly at only 10000 feet for the whole flight? I’ve never seen this stat before. Does anyone have an explanation?

Can you post the track or at least the airline and flight#?

Sure- It was AA #3305 from LGA to RDU on Dec. 30.


Sure- It was AA #3305 from LGA to RDU on Dec. 30th. Thanks!

Curious. Also the longest by a bit. Maybe minor mechanical, scenic trip, FO acrophobia? flightaware.com/live/flight/AAL3 … /KLGA/KRDU

I was alarmed as my daughter was onboard. When you say “curious”, do you mean unusual or dangerous somehow? Is there any way to find the reason for the low altitude?

Understand the concern. I checked avherald.com/h?list=&opt=0 but no incidents mentioned, Checked Raleigh N&O. Nothing newsworthy. Maybe someone will chime in with another reference. IMO, had there been a safety issue with the aircraft, they would have headed back immediately. :question:

Wouldn’t have gone if it wasn’t safe. There can be issues with systems that pressurize the aircraft that don’t affect the airworthiness of the aircraft. I also seem to recall if both O2 systems in the cockpit aren’t functioning, they have to fly at a low altitude incase there are pressurization problems. Regardless, as I mentioned, it wouldn’t have flow if it wasn’t safe. There’s a recent thread around here that covered the issue and it was answered by a couple of folks.

Found it:


Could be wind routes, traffic control, weather.