Question from non pilot...


I see turbine military aircraft for sale online and I was wondering what kind of training or certifications civilians would need to pilot these type of aircrafts? What about piston military aircraft? Thanks for your help.


I would assume if you were rated to fly the civilian variant (such as kingairs, 707’s and such) I’d think you would be qualified to fly a military one that’s no longer in the service.




Surplus military aircraft require no special legal requirements for pilot training, but most are flown under special rules because they are certified as experimental, exhibition (or something like that). There are restrictions to the use of those planes, and I suppose, if you really were not up to flying them, the FAA could find a reason to deny your flight permit. That would make it hard to use the plane much.

Some may require a type rating, just as some other aircraft do.

You would not get insurance without adequate training.

You could likely kill yourself without adequate training.

You might get more at


Some examples of aircraft I found were at under turbine military aircraft


You will need to pass type specific training in the type of aircraft you want to fly. The checkride will include an exam on aircraft systems, normal and emergency operations. It will be on the back of your pilot certificate as “Authorized Experimental Aircraft” and list what specific types you can fly. You must receive the training from someone the FAA has approved to give training in the type. It is essentially the same as receiving a type rating.
The FAA sets which aircraft types require the training and which don’t.