Question from a new member, long time viewer


First off I would like to thank all those who make this website possible. It is truly a great learning tool for those of us interested in commercial aviation.

My question is there are a few airlines that I have seen recent pictures or spotting reports for that I never see listed on Flight Aware. A few examples are : Aerosur(RSU), Avior(ROI) and Estafeta(ESF)?

There could be more but those are the ones I have identified.
I am pretty sure that these airlines are currently flying to destinations in the US and was wondering if they could be included.

Thanks again,


Here are a couple of excerpts from a posting at … n+airlines

The filtering of foreign registrations and airlines is performed by the FAA. Individual foreign operators can request to be included…

the FAA has decided to exclude foreign operators from the feed unless the operator requests to be included.