Question about Flight School Policies


I am a student who has not flown in 7 years. I had 33 hours when I stopped. I had training in a standard 172 fixed pitch propeller. Our local flight school offered a trip to Osh Kosh and I joined in because you were promised 4.7 hours of flight training. There were several of us who went and 4 planes were taken. I am unexpierienced in flying a 172RG and I told the flight instructor this. Instead of listening to me and my concerns, they ignored them, and I was forced to fly back the more complexed 172RG (with a constant speed propeller, etc). They had other planes available that were not being flown by students but were being flown by staff members. They could have easily put me in one of those planes. My question is, is this proper etiquette? Can an instructor force you to fly a plane you don’t feel comfortable in? And who should I contact to voice my concerns about this issue?


You should thank him. Complex time.