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Query by Airport and Gate to get schedule information

My goal is to provide a list of departure gates to our users but I don’t want to have to get their flight information. Rather I would like to search by Airport/Gate (e.g., departing out of KSEA, N22, is AK 1325 at 14:05). Alternatively, search by Airport and Gate to get a list of all the flights scheduled to depart from that location for a given day.

We do not currently support queries by airport/gate. You could do individual queries of AirportBoards (assuming you are using FlightXML3 as FlightXML2 does not contain gate information) and aggregate that data based on gate information. The question becomes a little complicated based on what point in time you want information. ie do you want to know that right now gate N22 is waiting for AK1325 to arrive, or do you want to know that at gate N22 flight AK923 is waiting to board?

Confirmed we are using XML3. Interesting… So the AirportBoard response includes the TrackAirportStruct which includes FlightInfoStatusStruct response includes gate_origin and gate_destination? that should work. Thanks!

For gate/terminal information, be sure to pass include_ex_data=true when you call FlightInfoStatus.