How can I get listed airport gates and times?


I can use FlightAware to track flights with amazing detail. I would also like to get details from a passenger’s perspective.

For example, AAL1157 departing KDFW to KSEA is scheduled to leave at 6:45 am CST tomorrow morning according to American Airlines. It’s scheduled for takeoff at 6:59 AM CST according to FlightAware. Obviously this gives them 14 minutes to close the gate, taxi to the runway, and be in position to meet their filed departure time.

But I also want the customer-focused details like that it’s scheduled for departure from Gate D40 at 6:45 am and it’s supposed to arrive at SEA in A9 at 8:50 am.

Any ideas?

Scott Beaudreau


Try the airline’s customer service.


Many airports also have their flight information boards available on line.

Here’s the flight info for the two airports you specifically mentioned:



You can find out both scheduled gate times and gate numbers at


Thanks for the feedback. I agree that it’s straightforward to get this information through the airport site or through the airline.

I should clarify that I’m looking for an API that can comprehensively give me this though. FlightXML is pretty amazing and it provides lots of data. Ideally, FlightXML would ALSO be able to provide the specifics around the listed Gates and Times for flights which have them (commercial airlines).

If FlightXML is not going to have this, then would I go to Sabre or someone for this?



Sorry, I didn’t notice which forum this was in.

Yes, Sabre would be a good source for gate data.