Qantas is Blowing it out

Qantas is selling cheap tickets, if you ever considered an Aussie trip, now may be the time. … lobalDeals

Those are some great prices. I wonder what it costs if you want to sit inside the plane? :wink: … enumber/2/

pm me I can work out some cheap fares…cramped accomidations…but hey you’ll get there. LOL :stuck_out_tongue:

This is one of the places on my “Must go to before I die” list.

Trust me B, if I gain one more pound since I quit smoking they’ll be requiring me to ride in the livestock carriers let alone as baggage. Although come to think of it that might actually be an improvement in accommodation given the requirement for humane treatment of dumb animals vs. anything goes for humans.

Been there, done that, very much want to go back. Also want to add NZ to the itinerary this time.

Big thumbs up and kudos for kicking the cancer sticks!!! Did it about 14 years ago myself…don’t recall weight gain…bought roller blades 8)

Tks for the tip on NZ…must be nice I’d imagine being right there near the land of Oz!!!

Response to United’s Tware from last Friday?

Holy smeg, those are some killer prices!

I flew KOMA-KDEN-KLAX-NZAA-YMML on UAL for a $1541 back in 1995, and KOMA-KPHX-KLAX-YSSY on ANZ for roughly the same price a year later! KLAX-YSSY for $541, KLAX-YMML for $641, and KLAX-YBBN-YBCS for $608 is a steal for a week!

My guess is that this is in response to the VAU prices from their launch, if not heading DAL off at the pass for their TransPac launch. UAL, ANZ, and HAL definitely need to match, otherwise they are seriously going to miss out.


UAL has matched, go check their fares.

Delta/NWA just joined in. $489 roundtrip + fees.