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Lufthansa German airlines facing financial crises

Well after so many long lasting strikes by the staff at Lufthansa for what. I mean they get greedy and look for excuses to stilke and it’s costed the airline dearly in revenue. But I notice there airfares are at a high and don’t they realize there competitors are chewing them up with lower cost airfares even the discount carriers are making a meal out of them. Can someone with the intelligence tell me why they cannot sort out there financial troubles and take a good look at there reputation which is sliding down hill at the present time… I flew them from LHR/WSSS for $1900 pounds one way my God. Yet Emirates BAW ANZ SIA ETIHAD QATAR has fares cheaper at $600 pounds one way. But all flights I tried to get on were fully booked. So why is the German airline high in fares and losing money everyday. Do they realise this? :blush: :unamused:

One word: Union

Union members think they are entitled to everything. If the company makes one extra dollar then the union members feel they should take that dollar rather than let the company use it to invest in themselves (e.g. new aircraft, reservations systems improvements).

Of course the union bosses are also to be blamed. The more their sheep (i.e. union members) make the more the bosses make. THe bosses really don’t care if their members lose money while on strike because they get paid no matter what.

Pull down your skirt. Your bias is showing…

Of course, with whatever the issues with labor, they are on target to make a Billion Euro this year. I guess google doesn’t work where you live.

investor-relations.lufthansagrou … reiks.html

They can’t make a billion this year sorry there in the crap already?Qantas just made a profit by way of its high flying members to keep it gong by injecting money into it out of there own pockets of course. Rich bastards. Not the government they slam the door on the rust bucket airline HA


I find this hard to believe they are making billions of dollars more like losing billions

It’s all in the way the accounting department runs the numbers. :unamused: