:smiling_imp: :imp: Well as you might all know the news. Many engineers at Qantas Airways in AVALON who maintain the 744’s will now be out of jobs by March. This is to for go the CEO Alan Joyce who has crapped on staff once again saying the 744’s are not viable and cost to much in revenue to maintain these aircraft here in Australia. Yet this Irish CEO stacks millions of dollars each year into his pocket and does nothing for the airline. HELLO?? lets go back here> Now Alan says the 747’s cost more to maintain then there big flying bath tubs the A388’S?. What a load of crap he tells. Wasn’t it QANTAS that launch the almighty 747-238’s into service and across Australia and stretched out around the globe from 1977 until 2001? this includes of course the 747sp jets two they had. Then they were retired after twenty five years service and during that time they introduced the 744’s and said it was always viable to keep the 747’s maintained here in Australia and will continue to do so and keep there staff as well. I recall the last CEO who had done a far superb job in running the big red roo or the Australian icon and keep it owned by Australian’s for Australians. Qantas made a huge profit thanks to Geff Dixon. Now this idiot Alan Joyce has once again turned on his own staff and the paying passengers. Qantas have a outstanding record for safeness yet there aircraft a just hanging on by a thread or thin line which of course os hushed up. I feel sorry for the workers who put there everyday hard work into keeping these giant machines in the skies. Bad move has being made. Now we wait for the fate of one to perish some where. Sending this facility off shore jepodises jobs and the safety of the paying passenger and cheap labour cost and second hand parts being added onto the aircraft. Really you would agree with me we have lost a real Australian Icon to our skies most of QANTAS has being sold off 49 per cent remains in Australia. What are your thoughts on this

:cry: :smiling_imp: Andrew mate you are so right about this twisted up CEO Alan Joyce the way he runs the airline. Most of the 744’s have being sent to the deserts and quickly chopped up. Especially the incident jets so nobody can take the Australian Icon to court. Yet most of these old 744’s should have gone years ago they are lucky they still can fly without exploding in thin air high above the earth. Yet AVALON is the retirement place for the 744’s that get stored there and parts taken off them before the head to the deserts in the USA. I noticed they have kept the old 743-438 VH-EBU there stripped down and sitting in the paddock rusting away for the last five years this was a lovely painted Aboriginal jet called Najala dreaming. .Maybe the CEO has a hide away spot when he’s in hot water he hides on board this 743 as his bedroom HA HA. QANATS could still be profitable if they introduced the 777’s instead of these A330’S and A388’S they have. 777’S more economical to run even on domestic sectors. The ground staff keep the airline running mate not the gutless management who sit on there butts all day trying everything possible to further stuff up a good airline that once was

Unfortunately, he’s right - 747-400’s do cost more to fly and maintain than A380’s.