I am really happy to see the Kiwi’s bring over there two remaining 744’s to Australia and intend to keep them for another four years. They were the original LORD OF THE RINGS jets. I reckon they should have remained in these colours or decals joining them with there smaller brothers the 773’s HOBBIT jets. I remember them well and have flown on them a lot. they have these two 744’s doing the NZAA/KSFO flights daily then they come over on the weekends to YSSY/SYD or YBBN/BNE. Lover those air new zealand planes very colourful. You thoughts anyone :laughing: :smiley:

Mate I cannot agree with you more. Nice to see the ANZ big brothers ZK-NBV & ZK-SUH helping there newer smaller brother out on the Tasman runs. I remember the LORD OF THE RINGS jets as well and the ALL BLACK jeT 744 ZK-NBW real stunner’s they were and the 763 ZK-NCL which was a LORD OF THE RINGS JET and still going strong. They are the Pacific’s number one airline of all time :smiley: :smiley:

Hi Andrew these air new zealand jets use to visit our airport NFFN/NAN in Fiji doing the NZAA/NFFN returns daily using the 744’s 742’s 763’s 762’s and many moons ago the DC10-30 jets when they were flying here in the seventies and eighties. But i admire the many man hours it takes to paint these big jets up and use them as the promo jets for the movie sets. Like the Qantas 744 VH-OEB then it was painted onto VH-OEI? Also thw QANTAS 743 VH-EBU lovely colours. But the Hobbit jets look brilliant. Certainly is and always being the Pacific’s number one airline

Sorry people I mean VH-OJB Wanala Dreaming jet. Now WFU Victorville