Air New Zealand spreading it's new wings with there B789 919


Recently we may or some of us have noticed the Pacific’s number one airline air new zealand who I might add has become the top awarded airline in the world twice in a row. They recently had there third Boeing 787B 919 added to the fleet and now they are flying to Shanghai Pudong and Tokyo as NZ289 NZ288 I hope to see them come to KLAX soon. They look good like there two Hobbit jets Boeing 777B-319 ZK-OKP ZK-OKO .


Yep I just flew from Shanghai Pudong on NZ288 which was a Boeing 787-919 dreamliner of ANZ very nice lay out in cabin area ZK-NZE


Lovely aircraft indeed and the design inside the cabins area real nice I flew on a ANZ 787-919 ZK-NZE which many years ago I flew this same rego but it was a DC8-52 jet in 1974


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