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Air New Zealand wins best airline of the year award 2014

Well the green and blue birds of the pacific or should i say the new livery white and black Pacific’s number one carrier Air New Zealand has landed in first spot again for the best run airline in the world two years in a row. This goes to prove you don’t need a big fleet of aircraft to become top airline in the world. It is mainly due to there Profits newer wide bodied twin aircraft entering the fleet new design and innovation and having over 11,000 employees keeping the airline running strong and with a A1 reputation for In flight service best wines and food menu lower airfares. The biggest was the 262 million dollar profit they made to date. Good on you Kiwi’s you have proven time and time before to be number one and the Pacific’s number one airline. SIA, EITHAD QANTAS were runners up for choice of service

Kam mate Kamate Ngai Tatou Kia Ora Tena Koutou to all. Yes we believe we have become a great carrier and have built up a high reputation for safeness maintenance good well looked after aircraft past and present. Yes from the beginnings From 1965 when TEAL became Air New Zealand and introduced the DC8-52 and DC10-30 aircraft into the fleet and were knowen as the green and blue birds of the Pacific Then the moved onto more advanced aircraft such as the mighty 747b-219’s 767b 219’s Then further to the future with 747-419’s and 767-319’s and now the wide bodied twin jet aircraft 777-219’s 777-319’s 789-919’s entering the fleet. Yes they have strive to become a top ailine today and we are all proud of this here in New Zealand and for people living overseas who enjoy the service and hospitality the airline offers. As you can see the competition today is demanding a lot has changed since those good old days of the earlier jets 747B-100’S L1011’S DC10’S TRI JETS 727B 707B DC8 aircraft they were advance back then. But slowly they disapeared from the skies to the desert floors which eventually most aircraft do when there time is up. I am proud to see Air New Zealand set such high standards here and around the world Good on you.

Haere ra which means goodbye my friends. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: