ANZ 2ND B789 ZKNZF flying NZAA/YSSY flights


Straight from the Boeing feild in Seattle came the second B789 to join the ANZ fleet of wonderful aircraft. A quite landing into NZAA/AKL from its delivery flight no big welcomes as did ZK-NZE the first B789 which is now on the NZAA/YPPH route.

At the moment ZK-NZF is flying the NZAA/YSSY return trip daily and will eventually be put on the NZAA/YPPH route with its sister aircraft ZK-NZE these are the old DC8-52 rego’s air new zealand are using. They plan to use the DC10-30 rego’s as introduction of more modern aircraft are delivered to the airline. Except for two rego’s which won’t be used at all. These were accident aircraft of the past. ZK-NZB DC8-52 crashed 1966 AKL airport on training. ZK-NZP DC10-30 crashed on lower slopes mount Erebus Antarctica in 1979 sight seeing flight. ANZ CEO Luxton says he does not want to offend anyone who lost loved ones from this accident 35 years ago which still effect a lot of people today.

But nice to see the new B789’S in the air


Wow interesting