Qantas 7556 ? ORD-JFK ??


While looking at flights out of O’hare I came acorss this Qantas Flight 7556. This must be a code share flight? Qantas doesn’t fly east of the west coast? I couldn’t find out if this was a code share or maybe a cargo flight? Does anyone have an answer. thanks


“Code shares” are an airline ticketing term when one airline has a flight number that really maps to another flight number, such as CO (COA) 2502 is really operated as BTA2502. If the flight is showing up as QFA7556, then almost certainly the flight is being operated by Qantas.


Quantas does operate QFA108 JFK to Sidney via LAX. Operations at ORD however seems to be codeshare only (as with the rest of the East Coast).

QFA7556 looks to be connected to QFA7585 (ZSPD-ANC-ORD) , each runs once a week, Starting on a Thursday and flying ZSPD-ANC-ORD-JFK-HNL-YSSY)


Qantas 7556 flight may have been freight? With that routing what else would it be?


Qantas Freight has a Chicago office (in addition to HNL/LAX/NYC), so I think that is a good guess.


Amost positive it is freight- checked SPOTTERS and found a hit for QF7556 on Jan 27, 06. It was N412MC (photo HERE).

N412MC is registerd to Atlas Air Worldwide, a contract freight hauler.


Atlas does fly freight sub-service for Qantas ( and several other airlines).


Qf7556 is scheduled freighter for Qantas Operaed by Atlas


Qantas does have weekly service from Chicago O’Hare to Sydney Australia on a B-747, I have flown this recently.