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The Qantas Flight#107 - is that one contiguous flight ? I know it stops in Los Angeles both ways, to depart passengers and to refuel. But I guess my question is this, when I review and analyze the flight leaving from JFK to Los Angeles I notice the chosen flight level is much higher than the flight which leaves from LAX.

The flight leaving from JFK traverses across the US at FL40 where as the flight leaving from LAX has a much lower and longer duration at FL28. I know that there are specific ‘step climb’ procedures, but is it a fair statement that leaving from JFK they leave many of the tanks ‘dry’ allowing for a much higher, and therefore more efficient altitude and cruising speed ?

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This would most likley be related to multiple decsions, weather, wind ,traffic and air traffic control


Yes, they’re likely carrying a lot less fuel (and possibly cargo) departing JFK than they are departing LAX, so they can reach the higher and generally more efficient altitudes sooner.


Qantas 8 Dallas-Brisbane is usually scheduled @ FL280, also.
I’m not sure about the graph of this flight, but I have watched QF8 fly over Southern California @ FL280. Not sure if the plane ascends after it is over the Pacific. This is a 747-400**/ER** flight, so I’m guessing that is why the aircraft is at a lower altitude for a longer time, because of the increased weight/ fuel load. I’m not sure if QF107 is a standard -400 or -400/ER.


What he said.


Can be either… The ER’s are put on any QF B744 service. One day it’ll be OJS, next it’ll be OEE. 107/108 can also occasionally see the odd A388.