Qantas 107 B744 Diversion

Interesting movement of Qantas 107 B744 on its JFK-continuation of a flight from SYD to LAX. … /KLAX/KLAX

I’d bet $$$ medical or mechanical.

They climbed to 99900 feet, that probably burned a lot of fuel.


Maybe a little structural stress, nothing an 'ol 744 cant shake off!

Thats a far distance though, why all the back to LAX? sure he was at least 500 miles out, nothing suitable out there? Unless it wasn’t something that was affecting the aircraft immediately and they were going back for convenience of having their mechanics, and convenience of the pax.

Qantas has several aircraft that spend the day at LAX. I could see them returning to LAX to transfer the passengers to one of these aircraft while they fix the broken machine.