This is a 747 that goes ord-tol-phnl-yssy on some weekends. It can be tracked all the way outbound. the question is how to track to ORD? It does not show up until ORD I am just wondering when and how it gets to ORD? Yes I do need a life but fascinating. Airplane junkie


Just because it is the same flight number does not necessarily mean it is the same aircraft.


QFA7554, 7581, 7583, or 7585… see which one matches up for reasonable times.


The flight, regardless of the flight number, is a cargo flight that is operated for Qantas. I believe it is operated by Atlas. It’s been mentioned before so I’ll search for the topic.

Edit: Yep, it’s operated by Atlas. See discussions.flightaware.com/view … ght=qantas