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Qantas ORD-PVG

Found Qantas flight 7532 from ORD-PVG, any ideas on aircraft or what it is for?
Thanks! :smiley:

Its most likely an Atlas Air Cargo 747-400F :wink:

It is a cargo flight that originates in Australia, goes through China, and ends up in the USA.

It’s probably a mishandled codeshare on the AA ORD-PVG flight.

It is not, it is a separate cargo flight. QF does not codeshare on AA’s ORD-PVG, only HU does.

As Mduell says, it is a cargo flight. The company I work at quite often places cargo on this flight.

Interesting, I also notice that there is a QANTAS coded flight, 7550, that flies something like JFK-ORD-HNL-SYD. Since it’s operated by Atlas they can carry cargo on the US domestic sectors, correct? That would make a lot of sense why QFA would charter the aircraft rather than operate it on their own metal, where they would be restricted to carrying cargo only to and from Australia.

I don’t believe they can (or even want to) carry cargo idealistically. Many all-cargo flights do a “round robin” on the end of the flight. For example, an airline by schedule a flight to go NRT-ANC (tech stop)-DFW-SEA. This would be flight XXX100. Flight XXX101 would be DFW-SEA-ANC (tech stop)-ICN-NRT. The DFW-SEA is actually only one flight even though it is flown with 2 flight numbers (for customers, not ATC purposes).

It is probably more economical for them to lease the aircraft from Atlas rather than operate their own aircraft.

There’s an interesting article on Qantas freight at aircargoworld.com/Air-Cargo- … ht/0314012

I imagine there’s a market for JFK/ORD-HNL cargo. If they have room for cargo not bound for SYD and they are legally allowed to carry it, why wouldn’t they? To my knowledge, no other airlines operate this route in a full cargo configuration. I guess HNL could just be a tech stop though.

Even if the aircraft is an American registered aircraft wet-leased by a foreign airline I don’t think they can do domestic routes.

Both UPS and FedEx operate all-cargo flights to the Islands. I have a feeling they would object quite a bit if a foreign airline was allowed to operate domestic flights, even if it’s on a route they don’t directly serve.