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Q: Running two Raspberry Pi cards

Hello, here almost on the end of this page satsignal.eu/raspberry-pi/dump1090.html there is a description of how to connect 2 or more Pi’s together. I am able to connect different locations around LOWI via Layer2 (or even easier with Layer3, if this will work). Main goal is that I have one local webpage of aircraft in my area.
In the link they state “Do NOT use remote SECONDARY antenna’s (i.e. over a WAN connection) because the antenna’s would not be in the same location anymore and you will mess up the system, I think…” … so my question: is this true or no problem, or …?

Any suggestions?


i believe that admonition is in the context of uploading data to Planeplotter ( coaa.co.uk/planeplotter.htm ) which uses shared info to track aircraft that are not transmitting location information. If you are just displaying your locally seen aircraft, I don’t think it applies. :slight_smile:

nah, I also want to share my data back. :slight_smile:

basically: 2 or more Piaware boxes feeding to flightaware and all boxes are connected via L3 or L2 and 1 is master and there I can see all data cumulated in my browser on port 8080 (or proxy for performace’s sake through another webserver). I only want to see what my boxes see.

You can run a separate piaware on each Pi (each will appear as a separate site), as well as feeding them to a central location. Just don’t run piaware against the “center” dump1090.