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Python script to parse data

I have created a python script to parse aircraft tracking data from flightaware webpage.

https://github.com/shivasiddharth/Flightaware-Parser/tree/master hope people find it useful.

It appears to work as advertised. Thank you.

A reminder that you shouldn’t be scraping the webpages; you need to use FlightXML. As the webpage header says:

<!-- 	Attention! You must agree with FlightAware's Terms of Use at http://flightaware.com/about/termsofuse
  Data robots and collection agents should use http://flightaware.com/commercial/flightxml/
            Copyright 2019 FlightAware.  All Rights Reserved. -->

Scrapping is time consuming and process intensive (not ideal for bulk processing). The above mentioned script is for non commercial use and only for educational purposes.

You may delete the post if it violates the terms. Thanks

Non-commercial scraping is still in violation of the terms of service.