Pushing mods to PiAware


I have taken some time to build some new .js files for SkyView. As dumb as this may sound, I don’t know how to push them back to the RP that is running everything. While logged in with terminal SSH, it would not allow me to upload the modified files and my SD image doesn’t seem to have the usr/share… folder structure I got the files from in the first place. Anyone know how I can send them back to my device? Thanks!


If you are running a piaware image the sky view map is located in

If you don’t have that directory you might have another version of dump1090 installed.


To push files from my Windows computer to Pi, I have installed Filezilla on my Windows Desktop. It is available for Mac Computer also.


Locations of .json files:




If you have plugged-in microSD card in yout Windows/Mac computer, and are trying to see and access files in /usr/share/ folder, you cannot. You can only see and access files in /boot folder


Thanks. So how do I get to the dump1090-fa folder like I see on my SSH?


It’s definitely the FA image on a microSD card. I appears I cannot just plug that into my computer to upload the new files. Thanks for the info though.

  1. You can NOT see any folder and files other than /boot when you plug-in the microSD card in Windows computer.

  2. You CAN see ALL folders and files when you plug-in the microSD card in Mac or Linux computer, but you will have to first create folders in your Mac or Linux computer, and “mount” the microSD card to those folders.

Easiest way is to plug-in the microSD card in your Pi, boot the Pi, then instead of running PuTTY and SSH to Pi, run Filezilla and SFTP to Pi. The filezilla has two columns one in left-half and other in right-half of Filezilla window. In left pane it will show directories and files in your Desktop/Laptop, and in right paneit will display ALL folders and files inthe Pi. You can transfer files in both directions, i.e from Pi to Desktop and from Desktop to Pi.

Go ahead and install Filezilla on your Desktop/Laptop


The software you recommended is working well, but I’m getting a permissions denied error on the Raspberry Pi during the transfer—logon works fine. Do I have to change a setting somewhere on the Pi to allow me to write to it? Thanks!


Try this

root acces

on pi
sudo passwd root
type password ,

connection on root mode
sudo nano /etc/ssh/sshd_config

line 28
PermitRootLogin without-password by PermitRootLogin yes

sudo /etc/init.d/ssh restart

After type in filezilla , login root and password


Worked well with the replacement on Line 28 to “PermitRootLogin yes”. Thanks all!


Thank you for the help and very useful tip.


Glad to know that you can now push files from your Desktop to Pi