Dump1090_fa map no longer working

My PiAware has been happily running for months uploading it’s data to FA quite reliably. Normally I view my data using VRS running on a Mac. This all works fine. However I noticed a few weeks ago I can no longer access the map hosted on the Pi: in spite of rebooting a couple of times. Apache is running fine as if I just visit the the FlightAware page with the “View Map” button is displayed. I looked in /var/log/apache2 logs and there is nothing there that is enlightening. The specific error displayed in the browser is “The requested URL /dump1090-fa/ was not found on this server”.

Unfortunately it has been so long since I set this up (SD card method) that I don’t remember how this is supposed to work. Would appreciate some pointers on how to debug it. I did upgrade to 3.5.3 a couple of days ago as well as requesting it to upgrade dump1090. Didn’t make any difference. Thanks for any tips.



Thanks, but I got the same error on all 3 of those as well.

The piaware sdcard images do not run Apache. If you’ve installed apache in preference to lighttpd, you’d need to configure it to serve the dump1090 pages correctly or - as you see - they don’t work.

It’s all a vague memory at this point. I had installed MRTG to collect stats and display them and I suppose I used apache for that. But the local map was working even afterwards.

Can you give me a hint how lighttpd is normally started? I found the config files in etc/lighttpd and they look in tact. I’ve ended up no longer using MRTG so I can stop running apache2.


It is usually started automatically via a systemd service file.

Thanks. The files to start lighttpd were already there. I manually stopped apache2 and lighttpd started up fine and the map was there. I simply removed the apache2 and rebooted to make the change permanent.

I’m still a bit mystified as as I would swear I had both working together. However they were both set for port 80 so …