Pups and Planes


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The Pups and Planes program launched Monday. It aims to de-stress passengers and make visitors smile. Each of the five dogs are registered therapy dogs. The dogs and their handlers will roam the airport during the upcoming busy holiday travel season.

I ought to take my dog, she needs the therapy…


What a great and simple idea.

Years ago when I flew charters down in FL we would often take the FBO owner’s dog “Tango” along on trips, especially when flying with kids. It turned out even the adults were more relaxed with him on board and he became our cabin crew on most flights.

There was this one time though on approach to DAB in our Seneca when he came up front to watch the action and managed to pull the left fuel selector (on the floor between the seats) back to the off position with his paw. Luckily my copilot instinctively put his hand down on the selectors right away when the engine started sputtering so it was a non-event.


Damn fine looking dog.


Have you noticed when a thread goes to the dogs, it’s usually an improvement?


HMMMMM I think you may on to something.