Air Travel Is Going to the Dogs

What will they think of next?

In other news, millions die from an virus epidemic because none could get to doctors fast enough, but at least these animals can travel nicely… :confused:

Unless Pet Airways is just taking a long gestation time and this is the same airline., it may be the first to fly but the concept isn’t new. I remember reading several years ago about some people wanting to create a pets-only airline.

Perhaps they’re not going to make it off the ground, at lest their website is “down”!

It does say in the cached page on Google that their flights are going to be operated by Suburban Air Freight, Inc.

A rather ideological position considering it’s not really a fair comparison. But if you feel so strongly, buy the afflicted a ticket…

And we won’t go into how it makes a great deal more sense to ship a vaccine than a patient!

I wonder what aircraft that they think will be suitable for this.

A King Air? PC12? I can’t see them trying to use a jet or something bigger.

According to their website they’ll be using dedicated Beech 1900s. Good choice and plenty of them around.

I wonder if they will recruit pilots from the Iditarod Air Force?

Believe me, there is nothing like sharing a small aircraft with a couple of crazed/airsick/lovesick sled dogs to make you appreciate human freight! … tbelts.jpg

I flew several dogs from, Kaltag to Fairbanks. I renamed the race the IKILLEDadog. Let me tell you, those dogs stink. 3.5 hours in a C207 with 3 stinky dogs will kill your appetite

I think you guys are barking up a bad tree :stuck_out_tongue:

Jim Rome is about 10 years ahead of you on that one.

Hey lets not forget about:

Shout out to the jungle!

I did steal that one from rome. But it’s true

How many of them did you date?

Pet Airways officially launched yesterday, flying from Republic Airport (KFRG), down to Baltimore, and on to Chicago Midway.

Looks like they make a potty break in Omaha between Chicago and Denver: … /KMDW/KOMA

OR…and I’m just throwing this out, after looking at their site this morning…I wonder if they were just stopping to pick up more pets? Like WN point to point to point…just an idea…but wouldn’t your idea be a good one “Ah, ok pets this is your capt. we are heading in for you to hit the trees and hydrents, please be quick about your business!!”

From what I gather on their web page, their first route is New York - Chicago - Denver - Los Angeles.

The Beech 1900D has a range of about 1400 miles. With winds and payload, they may be stopping enroute so they don’t run out of fuel before they get to Denver.

Or, it could be that Omaha has lots of fire hydrants and the pilots were tired of hearing the dogs say “Woof woffff? Woooof wof wooooooooof!” (which loosely translates to “Are we there yet? I need to go to the bathroom!”).

First flight to South Florida on Friday. Didn’t have permits in line to opperate at FLL so landed at FXE and parked at Sano there are a ton of Dog kennels in the big hanger right now…