Who let the dogs out?

Was on this flight earlier today… set to land… then up and around. Seems a dog had gotten loose on the runway. Nice day to sightsee the Chesapeake!

flightaware.com/live/flight/SWA7 … /KMHT/KBWI

Yeah, heard that was the catering for a KAL flight that got loose! :open_mouth:


Guess I threw you a lob on that one. Nice hit!

Thanks, I love 'em served right over the plate like that! :wink:

We have dogs on the runway here too except we call em Coyotes.

He’s not joking. I’ve landed in KYKM 100’s of time

We have them in Bakersfield too, plus Kit Foxes.

O. M. F. G.
That’s hilarious! I’m rolling on the floor here at work, and everyone’s asking me, “WTF are you laughing at?” I can only reply by telling them that I can’t say! :laughing:

Just tell them you’re reading a story about a “local lamb” recipe.

At least it wasn’t roof rabbit! :wink:


i let the dog out