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Public tracking

I’ve just read the following message. “This aircraft (N978PW) is not available for public tracking per request from the owner/operator”. Can someone explain this. p.s. as on 2013-11-06, this aircraft is at DTVA, UK (EGNV)

It’s blocked flightaware.com/about/faq#blockedtail

Seems pretty self-explanatory to me.

I know it’s self explanatory, just interested why owner would request this :confused:
p.s. They’ll be no more difficult questions.

The only difficult thing about your question is your incredulity over the answer.

I have a great analogy. Grant access to the GPS unit in your car, if you have one or have one installed in your car. The publish that information on a free, public website. Then everyone can watch where you are going and what you are doing. Sound like something you’d like to participate in?

Does that help?

OK, now that you’ve clarified the question… there are many reasons why private jet operators wish for their activities to remain, well, private. Corporate security- passengers are often high-value targets for kidnapping/ransom. Sometimes disgruntled whackos want to meet up with them in person. Market competition- you don’t want your competitors to know where and when you are conducting business meetings etc. General privacy- celebrities don’t want the hassle of throngs of fans waiting for them at every airport. There are many many reasons.

In the case of this aircraft, they do some very security sensitive missions which would obviously require utmost privacy. Some of the services the plane’s owner provide:

Thank you tiptank, point taken & I appreciate your answer.

There’s also companies and ministries that do not want their stockholders and congregations to know that they are flying business aircraft.

First time I’ve had the word incredulity thrown at me but not to worry. For the record JC, I’m 16 and don’t drive yet, I don’t have an interest in GPS as I can read maps and I only ask these questions as a way of learning something as I have not got to the stage of knowing everything. I can only bow to your superior knowledge.

At 16 I would have thought the basic concept of privacy would be obvious. Guess not. Lesson learned.

To expand on that point… they don’t want stockholders or congregations to know that the Head Honchos are using the airplane for personal perks like golf weekends or family vacations etc.

Most stockholders are (or should) be fully aware of all of their company’s assets such as aircraft, however there are many ways for a company to obscure actual ownership and use of private aircraft from their investors.

There’s also the Mistress/girlfriend factor to be considered. :wink:

Huh? We’ll I’ve never heard of anything like that. :unamused: