PSA Heritage Plane


I finally got to see it up close when it flew just near the Lincoln Memorial flying into DCA. It looked beautiful. It really made a gloomy sky look bright! I’m glad US Airways did that.


What… ya mean this one here…?

She sure is purdy bird! But not nearly as nice as the Allegheny one:

Well, ok - yes it is. Still I’m partial to Allegheny as we had an neighbor who flew for Allegheny when I was growing up who’s probably the one responsible for making me “plane crazy”!

…And then there’s the Piedmont plane:

My grandmother was the first person I ever knew who flew on an airplane, and it was a Piedmont jobbie (although I don’t think it was a jet). I love the retro livery too!


I don’t know, I think I like the plane that smiles as me the best (PSA) :wink:


I have seen the Allegheny,Piedmont,and PSA here at FLL. I personally like the Piedmont and PSA


Remember guys, there’s also an America West heritage plane flying around, the first one to be unveiled. You can differentiate it because it looks like a regular HP plane with US Airways titles.


I didn`t forget about the America West heritage plane, I just never seen it.


I wasn’t really directing that solely at you, it just seems that people forget that one since there are still planes flying around in that livery.


I went to the Piedmont ceremony in CLT and it looked great up close along with the DC3!!!