Proline 21 Display Question

For anyone flying a Proline 21 aircraft, What colors are used to denote the NAV mode on your aircraft displays? Ie. white needles for FMS, green for VOR/ILS…

FMS = Magenta
VOR/ILS = Green
Pre-select Nav = Cyan
Cross-side Nav = Yellow
Bearing Pointers = White

Thanks AZ, I ask because Raytheon/HawkerBeech really screwed up on this. On the Proline Kingairs, the primary nav mode, regardless of (sameside) source, is a green needle! FMS? Green needle. VOR/ILS? Green needle. The Beechjet didn’t do this with Proline 4, it had white for FMS, so why start this crap with 21? It’s incredibly annoying to have no visual cue as to the mode selected. The only notation of source is on the left side of the PFD, with a FMS1 or NAV1 noted in green. This is the first EFIS airplane I’ve flown that doesn’t have a color differentiation for mode. VERY annoying. Now, if we can just get James to answer…

Check PM’s trafly.

I’m curious what the P180 displays too.

I agree. Especially when you have multiple sources overlayed.

J’s 15 minutes out of DAL in VNR140 as I type this Mark and I’ve PMed him elsewhere to check this thread.

We have green needles on the left side and yellow needles on the right, regardless of the nav source. Sounds like what you’re seeing trafly.
I’m not 100% certain if the colors are reversed when the right side is selected primary, but i think the right side is always yellow even if it is the ‘flying’ side.
Bearing pointers are magenta for 1 and white for 2.

It’s all over the board. :confused: Makes you wonder what the logic is of the manufacturer flight test engineers when they’re working with the Collins programmers…


:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: I had forgotten all about the Retro Entabulator…and from Rockwell, of course…so there we have it.

Now back to your regularly scheduled PUI… :blush:


RockwellCollins allows the aircraft manufacturer to spec a lot of things in Proline 21. Perf data, colors, radio tuning, etc… This seems to be one of those things that everyone has a different take on.