Progress bar messed up


For the past few months, the progress bar has been screwed up. I have to click refresh EVERYTIME to get the progress bar to load correctly after I first go to the map showing the progress.



What operating system, web browser, and version are you using?


You’re browser may not be set up to automatically refresh pages.

When you have a problem such as this, be sure to provide the browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.). (Just as dbaker said while I was writing this)

Though I use Firefox, I don’t know how to do the automatic refreshing because it appears that is the default for Firefox.

In Internet Explorer, click on tools then internet options. Click on the security settings. Click on custom level. Scroll down until you see meta refresh. Check this box if it isn’t already checked.


In most Windows O/S systems, and definitely for Windows XP Home, the function key “F5” is the ‘Refresh’ command key.


That’s true but his question was why doesn’t his browser automatically refresh. F5 is a manual refresh.


I use Windows XP with Firefox.

I’m not asking why it doesn’t refresh, I’m asking why when I click on a tail or flight number, the progress bar loads in the wrong place. It works fine at work with Windows XP on firefox and internet explorer.



Which version of Firefox are you using? I have 1.5 and haven’t had any problems.

What are your display settings?


1024 x 768


I noticed that the progress bar is messed up only when on the left side, I have my bookmarks displayed.

Is that what’s causing it? :blush:


I haven’t been able to reproduce your problem. If you can live without the bookmarks open (which I usually don’t because I’d rather have more room for the page), see what happens over a period of time.


Didn’t have my bookmarks open and it’s still doing it.

The progress bar is messed up on what only seems like aircraft that are enroute.

If it’s my computer that’s causing the problem, then never mind!

You guys do enough that this is almost a non-issue, just odd. :laughing: