problem with radio !


hello all …

i have problem with radio , he still red and am installed on instruction flightaware . even i change the antenna can cable its same problem , below some images show you the problem .

install antenna in high level and clear sky .

still radio red mark . !

and i cant see any aircraft on maps local network . need help guys ! :cry:


I assume your radio is a small SDR such as a DVB-T USB dongle.

First back up a step – does your radio work with the short antenna that came with it connected to the radio, sitting on your desk?

This is an important test. It will tell you and us if the radio is working.

If your radio works with the short antenna sitting on your desk, but not with the antenna outside, there can be a number of reasons:

(1) there may be a problem with the feed line between the outside antenna and the radio

(2) there may be a problem with the outside antenna

(3) the outside antenna may be overloading your radio. This can be due to transmitters such as radio or television nearby.

Try your radio again with the short antenna that came with it and let us know what happens!

–Bob K6RTM


No, he has a FlightFeeder.


Oh well. Don’t know anything about the front end of that one – I’d hope it’s filtered and protected!

–bob k6rtm


thanks for answer , i put another antenna and i change the cable but still same problem , but some times hes be green but most of the time red . i think there over load outside because nearby some tower for cell phone .

but if this problem how the flightradar24 was work and no problem before damage !


Bob, could you do a brief write-up (with a picture or tow) on how to use a SAW filter in the antenna feed. (include where you get them) :slight_smile:


look on the images , some time be green and never seen any aircraft ! :frowning:


I believe the radio red/green on a flightfeeder is simply saying whether it’s received some messages recently or not.

So it could be a radio/antenna problem, or it could just be that there’s nothing much sending ADS-B messages locally?

Your best bet is to get in touch directly with FlightAware support via email - they should be able to help you set up the FlightFeeder. Not much we can do to help you here.


i sent but no respond


Ok, so try again. We can’t help you here, the only people who know how the FlightFeeder works internally are FlightAware staff, you need to get in touch with them.


thank you very much


Hi, is there any solution about this radio problem? Im on the same problem situation right now.