Problem setting up UAT

I recently purchased a Pro stick to add UAT to my setup. I’ve been following this guide but couldn’t get the UAT side to work.

dump1090 works and is using the correct dongle. But when I check the status of dump978, I get this:

What am I doing wrong? How should I fix it? Thanks everyone!

Why you think so, there is nothing wrong in the dump978 status output you have posted.

To confirm that dump978-fa is running and piaware is connected to it, post output of following command

sudo systemctl status piawre

If you see “0 messages received from dump978”, it may be due to no UAT equipped flights in range. Wait for an hour and check statis of piaware again.


There’s USB port/device conflict in the output text
And I don’t know what PLL means but there’s a warning info about it as well…

Just ignore these alarming messages. The dump978-fa works OK. I also get these when dump978-fa is started. Please see screenshot below, red arrow message to be ignored.


Even with alarming messages at start-up, still dump978-fa functions OK, and piaware gets messages from dump978-fa and sends t Flightaware. Please see below output of following command:

sudo systemctl status piaware

Do you get similar output of above command?


I see. Yeah I left it alone for a while and now I see UAT data being reported to FA. Thanks!

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