Pro Stick - Blue Dongle Broken


Hi all, in the last few months i have had two Pro Sicks (Blue Dongles) just up and die. The first showed that it was wedged!! and wouldn’t send any data. Thank fully FA replaced it. However the replacement has now up and died.

Both have been placed on the same mast, which contains the FA antenna, 5 meters coax, filter, dongle then 3 meters USB to PI with 2.1 amp 5V power supply.

Both dongles were batched within a month of each other.

Wondering if i punish myself and buy another, try the orange one or just stick to the trusty old black $10 one (way less range - but never had any issues).

Has anyone else experienced this or see any problems with the set up etc


I assume you tried to power cycle it?

Wedging can occur when there is not enough power.
3m USB from dongle to pi can make this more likely.

Have you tried the stick inside directly connected to a computer?


i have connected it directly off the PI, is there anything else i can try? And when you say power cycle what are the steps?


Can you actually unwedge it?


Just reboot the pi:

sudo reboot -f

Power cycle just means to turn it off and on again :wink:


Oh haha yes tried that many times


So it instantly wedges again? (Wedging is a state of the running system, the stick not running cannot be “wedged”, it can only have the tendency to always wedge if you will :wink: )

That may just be a connection becoming corroded reducing power delivered?

How long does it work if at all after rebooting?


Must be a big wedgy then as it never restarts. Now it has happened to two dongles i’m a little bit cautious to order another. My first one i bought however (same set up except a spider ant not FA ant ) is still running like a dream.


Have you tried it on a different computer?

Probably it’s dead :confused: