Pro stick issues


Got my pro stick two days after it became available and it worked great up until two days ago now my numbers of been cut by two thirds any ideas


Check antenna and connections.

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Since I have installed the Pro Stick the PiAware will intermittently drop antenna reception and reports 0 hits. Sometimes a power down and restart will get it working again and sometimes not. All antenna connections are tight. Pi to Pro Stick to 1090 Filter to antenna 5 meter coax to adware antenna. Any ideas?


Power issues.


I have seen the same issues - worked fine for a few days, then all the sudden a massive drop in reception. Rebooted / powered off a few times and things did go back to normal.

Interested to heard more about the “Power issues”… Bad power supply or needing a powered USB Hub to separately power the prostick?


Power issues? First installed it worked for about a week. A short power failure and on reboot did not work. Re flashed SD card with current code. Worked OK for about a week. Turned off and did not work when restarted. Power cycled a few time and it worked. Turned it off Monday night and has not worked since. My status page shows “Live”, but no packets sent. Log shows Receiver and Server OK.


Power issues can cause a multitude of problems: corrupted sdcards, random reboots, the dongle wedging itself. Having an apparently working system randomly stop working entirely - no messages at all usually means the dongle has wedged - is more likely to be a power issue than a problem in the RF path; if you have a bad/intermittent connection you will usually see at least some messages.

The pro stick draws a little more power than a regular dongle, the difference may be enough to push things over the edge if you had marginal power to begin with.

If you have a Pi 2 or later (maybe B+, I can’t remember) and the red LED is off (or blinks off) then you definitely have power trouble, even if the system seems to be working.


Those of you with power issues, do you have any other USB devices plugged into the Pi? Are you sure you are not inadvertently causing a low current short anywhere with metal bits touching parts of the Pi’ or dongle PCB (if you run them naked to keep them cool).

The USB hub on the Pi2’s is piggybacked into the LAN9512 ethernet controller. These dongles kick on the USB-High setting and push the mA limitations of the entirety of the USB channel on the Pi while maxing out the USB allocated RAM block in the BCM2835 if you have a high message rate.

I have a few (9) Pi2’s running, the ones with anything other than the ProStick/DVB-T dongle need a powered hub, if not they require a hard restart almost every day. The others with just one device using USB have a daily soft reboot.

Try a daily automated reboot during a low traffic time, you’ll be down for under a min.

$ sudo crontab -e

Add a line

0 3 * * * /sbin/shutdown -r now

^ Daily at 3am.


What’s the best, highest-quality power supply for a Pi? I am having some intermittent power issues as well…


Using the Pi power adapter that came with the Pi 2B V1.1 (2 Amp). Using the Ethernet port to connect to the router. Plugged the Pro Stick into a 12” USB extension cable and tried all four Pi USB ports. In the process of moving the Pro Stick to around the four ports, it showed traffic on the lower port closest to the RJ45 port, but when moved back to that port later it shows “0”.

Tried different 2 Amp power supply and Apple iPad 4 Amp power supply. Pi power LED lights solid all the time. Green activity light flashes during power up then give a very brief flicker about every four seconds. Put a Charge Doctor on the power supply, it shows the Pi power at 5.12 V with a .49 Amp current draw.

Is it possible the Pro Stick “sh1t the bed” after a week of operation?

Returning Pro Stick to Amazon, hope the replacement works.


Returned Prostick and ordered a replacement. Two week regular shipping from Amazon. Installed new prostick and it is working well for two weeks now. :smiley:

Bottom Line: ProSticks can fail like any other electronic device. :cry: