Private Message false alert?


I just got an email telling me I have a private message waiting for me here. I logged on to look, but nothing is there. I’ll look again in a couple hours, just in case something is bogged down in the system…


This happens when someone sends you a message but then deletes it before you’ve read it. You get the email alert as soon as they send it but it sits in their outbox until you read it - if they delete it in between times then the original email alert will still arrive from when they originally sent it but the PM will no longer be there, hence why you’re not seeing anything. :bulb:


Seems an unscrupulous person could have a bit of fun with that “flaw”… :smiling_imp:


Apparently I’ve created a monster!


Three notices and counting.

My main suspect is my son!

I’ll have to ask one of the Admins to see who the miscreant is.


OK thanks for that info… I thought it was strange tho… I checked the inbox about 45 seconds after receiving the alert lol


Or someone on the left coast!


Not Me!! points to the north


I gotta admit - I was terribly tempted! :smiling_imp:
In the end, the angel on my right shoulder won the battle and I refrained.