Private messaging - Sentbox vs Outbox????

What is the difference between the two mentioned items in the subject line in the private messaging?

I prepared a message, and pushed send, and it went to my outbox vs sentbox like I would have expected. Does it get to sent box when the person reads it?

Neither box is 100 percent full.

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In my past experiences with other web boards, the message is moved to the sent folder when the receiving person reads the new message. I look at it as a way for me to see if the other person has read the message yet. If the message is still in my outbox, then I know it hasn’t been read yet. If it isn’t, I know that it has been read.

As Pik said Allen, Outbox = Unread, Sent = Read.

Thanks all!

Just kinda threw me for a lil loop as in Outlook, seeing things in the Outbox is not a good thing :slight_smile: