Topics not being marked as read

When I read a topic it is not being marked as “read”. Seems to be this used to be the case. In each forum I have to click on “mark all topics read” in order to get only the new posts on my next visit.

Using Firefox 3.5.3.

Are you using the back button or clicking on the link to go back to the main discussion page?

Are you logged into the forum? This log in is different from the FlightAware log in.

Sometimes there will be two threads with new posts and if you just read or post on one it will still show it was not read. Is that what you are talking about?

Doesn’t seem to matter if I read all the posts or just some of them. If I don’t read them all I do click on “mark all posts read”. But it seems like any post that is read should be automatically marked as such.

Certainly am, been doing this for years! Most of the time it does show my id as “users browsing this forum”.

This occasionally happens to me in Firefox and requires me to clear all the FA cookies from the cache to correct it.

I sometimes have the opposite problem where I’ll be going through the new unread threads, and then WHAM… all the remaining unread threads are suddenly marked as read. Not a big problem - only happens about twice a month or so.

Tried that, no joy.

Sometimes it does that to me also. :confused:

I have NEVER had a problem in this area, but I use the Superior IE 8. I have heard nasty things about the ‘FurFox’ and other systems…but mine works fine here. I have a systematic way of reading forums…excluding the coffee-sipping, leg-crossing, anal steps: I look at a discussion, when I am done with general interest I go to the ‘All Read’, click back to Index and start over …seems to work and I’ve never had an improper reading…Course with my Dementia, I meet new people every day!

I do it a lot like Tim, but using tabbed browsing (Ctrl-click or Cmd-click) for each forum and topic. I’m using “Mark all read” too, because of the problem with the “unread” flag not always being cleared. I’ve got Firefox on both WinXP and Mac OS 10.5.8.

I have a bookmark on my toolbar that takes me straight to the “view posts since last visit” link. I click that link, go to the bottom of the new postings, and click on the arrow indicating a new message. I read the message or just glance at it if it’s a topic I’m not interested in then hit the back arrow and go to the next unread topic. (If there’s a lot of unread messages I will hit the link or do a refresh when I’m at the list of topics to clear the arrows.)

Browser used: Firefox - always the latest version.