How does one print the entire flight so that it is formatted properly?

What do you mean by “formatted properly?”

When you select print from the browser How can you print the entire flight plan including the grahics on 8x11 paper so that it is formatted correclty? example when you go to map qwest it has a print button that will format the text and graphics to print the map and directions in 8x11 paper.

You add it to the “Feature Request” thread and eventually (though this may be way down the list), the FA staff will get around to doing it.

Just use the print icon in the tool bar or, if you are using Internet Explorer and want to adjust the print properties, do File → Print.

Unlike MapQuest (one word, no “w”), there is not a print button.

In Opera, I was able to set the scale to 70 percent and the entire web page fit on one page for my flight at … /KUBS/KMBO

Hope this helps.