Printing out airport activities.

As stated in the subject, can I print out a couple days worth of movements (arrivals and departures)?

Go for it! 8)

Can’t you just go to history for departures or arrivals and print them out using your browser’s print feature?

You can also copy and paste from FlightAware to a word processor then print it out.

I use Microsoft Office Excel 2003. Simply copy and paste the information into the spreadsheet. Click under “Format”. Hover over “Column” and click “AutoFit Selection”. This will make each column of information fit perfectly. One important thing: I use Excel 2003, as I said, so I don’t know if this would work or how it would work in a later version or earlier version of the program. And, of course, to print it out, you may need to put the printer on landscape mode, depending on how wide the text is.

I hope this helps you.

dcgjedde, I tried that but it gave me everything on one line so I went with damiross’s suggestion and that worked out ok.

My experience also. I think it depends on how the data was formatted in the web page.

You can also try importing the data into Excel rather than copying-and-pasting it. I haven’t tried it with FlightAware but have had some success with data from another webiste. (in Exce: Date - Import External Data - New Web Query). This could have the advantage of the data in your Excel spreadsheet being able to be refreshed.