I’m new here so please forgive if this is an old topic. I enjoy tracking flights of my friends and they get a kick out of me telling them where they were at a certain time. I just discovered the ‘Live Flight Track Log.’ Is there an easy way to print the log on a map background which then would show someone where they were at a certain time? Thanks…

“Easy” may be subjective but it can be done…

What program do you have that you would want to do this in? Word, Power Point?

If I understand you correctly, using my own tail number you want to print … O/tracklog

with … 1222550220

as a background to the text???

So, in other words, if the aircraft is 20 minutes into its flight, you want to be able to show that. Then, show where it is at 30 minutes. Is that right? If so, it sounds like you should use Google Earth.

Review these forum postings: … hlight=kml … +earth+kml

Somewhere I have an Excel spreadsheet that allows you to convert the FlightAware listing of the track into a KML file. I haven’t used it for a while but if I find it, I’ll post it.

If you just want to show the map and the log underneath, that is easily done.

  1. Click on map to get the larger version
  2. Right click and select copy image (or the Internet Explorer equivalent)
  3. In a Word document, right click and paste the map
  4. Go to the flight’s track log
  5. Highlight everything from “time” at the top of flight log to the very last entry
  6. Copy this (ctrl-c or right click and select copy)
  7. Paste the flight log into the Word document

Here’s what I got (I didn’t capture the full log in the screen capture but it is there). This is SWA1049 on 24 Nov 08.

Thanks for the info… I guess I am asking for too much. We have hurricane tracking maps and as probably most already know you just plot the long/lat as it moves along. So, what I’m asking is there a mechanism to show the coordinates on the Live Flight Tracking Log on a map. In other words at a tracked time you were at a coordinate which put you over Martinsville VA, etc. I realize I could take a map and plot this out but just wondering if something like this exists. Thanks again…

I take it you mean overlay lat long lines on the maps like the roads? Good idea I think myself if I understand what you mean. At this time the maps are “static” and what you see is what you get.

Even better some type of check mark choices on what overlays one would like to display such as roads, airways, lat long lines in the user profile would be nice to see incorporated.

Choice in the user profile would be good as what looks cluttered to one may not look cluttered to another.

Yes, that is what I’m saying… just couldn’t think of the words to type… thanks. Okay, so guess it isn’t out there… hummmmm… may have to do a little fiddling. Bet it wouldn’t be hard to do with the right software guru. I agree with your clutter statement. I’m not a pilot nor do I fly very often any more but love to track. Thanks again… Wes