Printing Flight Activity History

Is there a way to display the Flight Actiivty History in a form more easily printed?

How do other users print lengthly actiivty histories?

I copy the flight history data into an Excel spreadsheet by highlighting the flights, pressing control-c, then control-v into Excel. This seems to work better with Internet Explorer and Excel 2003. In Excel 2000, the date is on a separate row from the rest of the data for a given flight. If you are familiar with Excel macros, you can create a macro to combine the two rows into one.

What I have done is created an Access database that I import the Excel spreadsheet into so I can organize the flights better.

Copying-and-pasting from Firefox to Excel doesn’t work.

Pasting into Word 2000 doesn’t work. However, you can paste it into WordPerfect. Be sure to use landscape for the page setup.

Finally, the data pasted into Quattro Pro only gives the URL, not the actual data.

I also use Excel before printing, usually to extract a few statistics and remove columns that I don’t need.

I use firefox and excel fine

Thanks for the tips all! :smiley:

I use MSIE and Excel, and did the copy and paste jig. Works real nice and I let Excel add up the flight time to show my total logged hours at the bottom of the sheet…

Future flights, just a matter of inserting rows, and the formula will update with the inserted row in mind.

Doing this, I won’t lose my older then 90 day flights… :stuck_out_tongue: