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Premium account features?

Today I was just using the website map for something and I noticed that, even if I am a FlightAware feeder, and therefore “Enterprise user”, I don’t have access to the “Premium” layers/features of the website. I seldom use it, so I don’t know if that’s normal or not…
I see that those layers are available for “Enterprise WX” users:

That’s just… unexpected.

From my understanding the Enterprise account contain all features of a lower account type, plus the ones you pay extra with enterprise membership.

If FA doesn’t make a difference between regular enterprise users and “feeder” enterprise users all features should be working.

There is an Enterprise account(feeders get this) and an Enterprise WX with premium weather.

The attached screen cap show enterprise (non wx) are entitled to “Map overlays”?

They aren’t working for me?

I’m not complaining but I would prefer to have the info or a correct definition of the free enterprise account for those of us helping?



Screenshot doesn’t say anything about map overlays. Do you mean “premium map layers”?

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Are there map overlays too?

I just wanted to like the first person see weather

Those locked layers are the “premium weather layers” that require an Enterprise WX account.