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FlightXML - Enterprise Account

Hello to all,
My name is Vincenzo and I am an app developer for IOS.
I am writing to you because I wanted information.
For some days I have created an ADS-B through a Raspberry and my account has therefore become an Enterprise type account.
However, I wanted to understand if my Acccount was enabled to use the API without additional costs or if it was necessary to pay a different sum.
Thank you all,

No, the usage of API is not part of the Enterprise account.

FlightXML API to be found here. It’s based on the number of queries you want to run:

and the Firehose API with fixed price:

That’s actually incorrect (for FlightXML 3).

PiAware users do get some additional features added to the first tier of FlightXML3 beta:

  • Additional 500 queries
  • Geospatial queries within 250nm of your location

This is noted on the left side of the FlightXML3 billing chart.