FlightXML limits for adsb site feeders


I have a raspberry-pi piaware feeder that also serves as a twitter bot that tweets when airplanes flight directly overhead (within one mile or 50 degrees from the horizon). Recently I’ve been using the flightxml 3 api (FlightInfoStatus) to get information about the flights and adding them to the tweets. It’s been working pretty well.

Unfortunately I’ve been averaging about 100-175 tweets a day, so the 1000 free requests per month get used up pretty quickly. I understand that the service is free and I can upgrade, but it would require the silver package to be fully covered and I can’t justify the $50 a month for a hobby toy :wink:

Anyway, I’d be willing to pay something closer to 5 to 10 dollars a month if I can guarantee full coverage for the month. Maybe you can offer a tier specifically for piaware users where the request only works if it comes from the same ip address as a piaware feeder? Just an idea I thought I’d throw out.

Over all FlightXML service is pretty cool and thanks for having some kind of free tier for us plebs to use :wink:


You can use FXML v2 and if you are averaging on the high end, 175, that would be about 5323 queries per month. If you use FlightInfoEx, the per query charge is $0.0020, so at 5323 queries, your total would be just over $10.