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Get return info about Flight I Feed

I’m feeding FlightAware With data from my ADS-B setup and wonder if there are any ways that I can get back information about flight I give to FlightAware without that it has to be counted on the request I get for free in 1 month.

Ex. Flight reg.nr. -> to Flightaware -> check if I feed -> Return XML/Json Info about flight reg.nr. for free if I feed.



In addition to using FlightXML, you can write a program to connect directly to the dump1090 on your Raspberry Pi if you would like to directly process the raw data. It is available in several different formats:

Yes that i know, the information I’m thinking about is the one you put together at your side that you don’t get from dump1090. Example is from airport to airport and ex. Flight “SQ1417”.

For that additional information that we obtain from other sources, you will need to use a FlightXML query out of your monthly allotment of free FlightXML3 queries (or paid queries if you exceed that limit).

Yes so i read, thats why i acctualy suggested that info I feed to you by my observation is equally give back info about same flight from you.

Eventually being able to add more flights in one query.

That is already the purpose of the free monthly allotment of queries given to ADS-B feeders, however we do not restrict you to only accessing flights that you have fed to us.

At this time, there are no plans to remove the limit entirely and make FlightXML unlimited for free, since we have the cost of providing service to account for, however it is possible that we may consider increasing the allotments in the future.

Thank you for you reply.

I understand you need to cover your cost for your service and that it might be different for me who lives in Norway, rather than a person who lives in New York in the amount of total request for ne month. And I didn’t ask for free access to the hole DB, only free for the flight I report in.

suggestion 2.
I see since I feed I get enterprise license on the user interface, price $89.95. Would it be an idea to let us feeders decide how we splitt the coupon, like Premium+ ($39.95) on user interface insted of Enterprise and Sliver ($49.95) on flightXML3. I think that would help me.



Thanks for your feedback. We’ll keep that idea under consideration for the future.